Cloudflare not working with original HTTPS Site

Hello Team,

I am new to Cloudflare and my question can be sound very stupid to you but it’s really making me annoying.

I have my site It’s on managed WordPress from GoDaddy and I also got SSL from them.

It’s working and then I moved it to Cloudflare. Now the challenge is when I turn CF (Cloudflare) DNS ON then my site stop working and get an error related to https certificate.


I did enable SSL mode Full(Strict).

Can anyone suggest what did wrong I do?

Works on my end… :thinking:

Hi @shivanshub,

I had no problems using Chrome and Firefox.

Try to check through the SSL Labs tool for an in-depth look at the certificate(s):

Thank for such a quick reply. It’s working for now since I disabled the CF DNS so that my users don’t get disturbed.

I just turned on the DNS. Would you please try again but I can’t keep this setting for a long time. hope you understand it.

Now that you enabled :orange: I could see the error:


From your Dashboard, go to the SSL/TLS app

Now please look at these two panels and tell me what their current state is:

  1. The SSL panel, at the top of the page;
  2. The Disable Universal SSL panel, at the bottom of the page;

SSL ==> Full(Strict)
Disable Universal SSL ==> Disabled (Showing blue button to enable it)

There is some error message in Origin Certificates but that’s gone now.

That basically means you removed the universal certificate and - unless you have purchased a dedicated one - dont have any certificates around, which is the reason for the error. Enable universal SSL in this case.

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Reactivating Universal SSL should solve the problem. :slight_smile:

Thank you @Sandro. After enabling “Universal SSL” my site started working. Thank you for your time. Just for my understanding. Is below understanding correct?

  1. User will see Cloudflare Certificate.
  2. Cloudflare will see my site certificate.

Yes, to both questions. Also, keep the second certificate (I know you already have it in place, but many often think they can simply remove it).

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