Cloudflare not working with newspaper mobile theme

i am using the newspaper theme and they have asked me to contact you. there is a serious problem. Cloudflare when switched on is not allowing for the updated version of the mobile version of my site to be shown and is showing the wrong version of my site. please see a message from my developer. can you find a solution

So after Cloudflare was switched to development mode, this is the only place where the issue still remains - Boston Lincs News - In2town
Does the rest of the website look as it should?

This would indicate that the Cloudflare cache may be the one that causes the problem. WHile it does increase the performance/score of the website, after doing some research on the matter, it seems that it can create problems with websites that use dedicated mobile themes or mobile versions, like our mobile pages/templates

So the conclusion would be that Cloudflare cannot cache 2 versions of a page, with the same URL, which would be required when the content is different desktop vs mobile like in this case.
There does seem to be an option, but it is not free - Cloudflare cache prevent showing my site's mobile theme view
The APO mentioned there -
According to the description it will cache the website per device type. Then a mobile should see what is meant for mobile, not what is meant for desktop, or the other way around.

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