Cloudflare not working with default browser settings

does not work

default browser settings (for all browser users worldwide)

my manual settings

profit :slight_smile:

dns cloudflare spread, both IP addresses ping me without errors, it does not work in all browsers this is how it happens

the provider claims that it does not block Cloudflare, that it does not block anything at all and simply provides Internet access

have any thoughts?

I can’t read Russian (?), but it looks like you’ve set your browser to use DNS over HTTPS and you’re trying to connect to a site proxied by Cloudflare. The last picture looks to show a successful HTTPS connection to the site.

What’s not working?

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Thank you for your attention.

So the fact of the matter is that Cloudflare doesn’t work until I change my browser settings.

But after all, not all browser users (browsers !!!) have such settings - I just made them myself for demonstration.

On default settings, users don’t see my site as https.

Do I have to wait any longer? It’s been a day since I connected to Cloudflare.

I’m still not sure what “doesn’t work.” And you haven’t posted a domain name. I can only guess that since it’s just been a day, your DNS settings haven’t propagated (it can take up to 48 hours).

Check to make sure your domain shows Cloudflare name servers, and use to see if your DNS has fully propagated.

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the site is constantly on http BUT SOMETIMES it tries to load itself (I do not specify https) and shows - ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Those ping tests don’t include your domain name, so that won’t help.

When I use DNSchecker, I check the “A” records.

If what you’re experiencing is that your domain is not reachable unless you use Cloudflare DNS, it’s probably your ISP’s DNS that’s the problem, and using just about any other DNS would work (Google’s or Quad9’s

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yes, that’s exactly what happens: if I change to other DNS (there are 4 choices in the browser), then the site opens via https

so do i still have to wait for distribution?

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sorry quoted translation of your comment :slight_smile:

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I seem to understand you: my A record still does not show two Cloudflare ip everywhere, somewhere 25% is the host ip

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Cloudflare IPs have risen everywhere and everything works thanks for pointing to the A record

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