Cloudflare not working on my site after change domain server

Everything was working in the first server, but after I changed the domain server to another one, I deleted the site from Cloudflare and added again with new server DNS and ip , and after further investigation I can see that there are no Cloudflare services running on the site. For example, if you enable “Under Attack Mode,” it doesn’t actually reflect the changes to the site, as far as I can tell it doesn’t go through Cloudflare’s servers. I’m not sure what information would be helpful to diagnose this so please let me know what I can do to help. Thanks

What’s the domain?

As for diagnosing, “Pause Cloudflare on Site” from the Overview tab makes this much easier, as after 5 minutes, all connections will go straight to your server. Then make sure it’s up and running with HTTPS and you should be all set.

They both load for me, but your Page Rule doesn’t seem to be taking effect. Is ‘www’ set to :orange: Proxied?

YES its is

How did you get https? I didn’t turn it on or ssl on ?? because it causes me errors in my wordpress dashboard ??

The legality of your site is questionable…nice pop up ads by the way


Nice! I stand by what I said! Don’t know what ‘fanfare without flour’ means though…

Please let me know if there is any solution. thanks

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