Cloudflare not working on Kisskh

Cloudflare not working properly on Kisskh

OK…any details you can share?

I tried re-installing Cloudflare, I get the same results. With or without Cloudflare, on Kisskh I get the message when I try watching a specific file: ’ We’re processing this video. Come back later’. For another one, it plays only 10 seconds of the beginning of the file. Kisskh said this had to do with a third-party server not working properly, and I assume Cloudflare is this server? Thank you.

Thank you. Are you running the WARP app on a mobile device? (If so, can you let the team know by tapping the :wbug: icon and submitting a report?) If not, steps to reproduce would help.

No not from a mobile device.

I don’t know the appropriate e-mail address for Cloudflare customer support: When I contacted them with the address I had, they told me I wasn’t the owner of the Cloudflare site, which meant they could not resolve my issue.

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