Cloudflare not working for me

I am not completely sure how it happened or why it happened, but I was using Cloudflare regularly, and then I did not use it for like 4-5 days on my laptop. when I tried to use it again on the laptop, it disconnects me from the school network. But if I use my laptop as a hotspot and use it as wifi on my mobile, Cloudflare works as intended. so I’m not even sure where the issue is and what I can do about it.
any help is appreciated
thank you

Can you expand on what exactly you mean by “Cloudflare not working” please? Are you referring to a specific website you’re trying to access? Your own site? Cloudflare WARP?

Cloudflare WARP.
the issue is that I am using the college/school network as I live in the hostel/dorm. I am using a LAN cable as well. I use it as a VPN of sorts. For the past 3-4 days or so, anytime I switch the WARP on, it says connected, your internet is private, but then no website opens, or well it pretty much disconnects me from the school network. it used to work fine about 10 days ago.
But if I use the laptop as a hotspot and connect my mobile to it, Cloudflare WARP works as intended. So, it seems to be some sort of issue on my laptop only.
hope that clarifies

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