Cloudflare not working correctly with a specific domain that used to be a shopify shop

Hi there,

I am developing a website (an eshop) on a domain that I now manage 100%.

But before i take full control of the domain it was pointing to a shop in shopify (i dont know more details).

The problem is that i add the domain to Cloudflare and it is not resolving to the correct (new) IP address, but it still resolves to shopify IPs.

what can i do?

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Hey man thanks.
I think your advice will solve my problem but unfortunately i cant contact the old owner so i think i am forced to somehow verify ownership. (cant open tickets because the domain is on free plan).

So could you please advice a bit more on how to verify ownership?
I cant quite understand well the documentation on how to do it.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you cannot contact the provider, you can also use the service mentioned in the article. That usually only takes a few minutes.

Hey man you are a life saver!
really thank you.

What an amazing tools this is!
Thanks again for helping!

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