Cloudflare not working at all


Hi, I just added my website to Cloudflare yesterday and Cloudflare STILL isn’t active on my website… Like literally no traffic what so ever is going through clouldflare… And yes I do have the orange Cloud sybol next to my domains A record and my domains cName www record. No traffic is going through cloudflare at all and nothing is working, not even page rules and before you ask yes I do have my domains nameservers pointed to Cloudflare’s nameservers. Everything should be working, but it’s not.

I need help, this is urgent, my website is unprotected because no traffic is going through Cloudflare.


Also, if I confused you by “Cloudflare STILL isn’t active on my website” I meant like it’s not actively doing anything on my website. When I go to “Home” on Cloudflare it tells me my website is active.


It’s probably stuck on the name server verification. What’s the domain? And which two name servers does Cloudflare DNS tell you to use?


the domain is


Your domain is on Cloudflare, but there’s nothing there:


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