Cloudflare not woriking with three of my sites

Hi, there

Everytime I connect my web site to Cloudflare nameservers it says that importing is fine and it is marked with green check mark. But after that, my sites are all offline.
I have contaced my hosting provider and they tell me this:
“Dear Sir,
nameservers are properly configured. The problem is that the DNS configuration within Cloudflare is apparently not correct.”
Does any one what shoud I do?

Yes, make the correct DNS entries point to the correct IP or as a CNAME to the correct domain.

Hi, M4rt1n
Sorry mate, but I still don’t get it. Can you be more specific ? :face_holding_back_tears:
Thank you.

Actually no, I don’t know the IP of your origin, nor anything about your setup, that makes it impossible to give you any specific hints. And I would not ask for exposing your IP in a public forum.

I think the best is to hire a webdeveloper with a solid knowledge about Cloudflare, who shall look into this.

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