Cloudflare not visible on pingdom since we went live 2 days ago

I launch websites frequently for clients, often at a Cloudflare partner. But I’ve never run into this issue before, there seems to be some conflicts to iron out, I can’t get cdn visible on pingdom, and google insights can’t generate a report for my site

The client migrated the site themselves and I’ve added some optimizations when I ran into this problem.

Also when I ping via like Cloudflare recommends, I get an error “invalid IP”

Yeah I caught that… Edited. Everything seems to be loading fine. No site errors. Pingdom & GTMetrix seem to work fine but Google Pagespeed appears to be blocked

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Thanks, yes those namerservers are with siteground, but I’m trying to figure out why the CDN isn’t being detected

I wonder if this isn’t just a propagation issue, It’s buggy, but working more and more.

I checked propagation first and everyone seems fine.

Is your CDN setup through a cache plugin? because I don’t see any 404’s and everything points to the subdomain.

Cool, siteground thought it had something to do with Cloudflare’s new ssl feature, they reset something there for me yesterday. That’s why i though propagation

Yes actually, it’s swift performance. Interesting that affects how it’s being viewed, thanks for the tip

PS: I got google insights to work, thanks so much!

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@nancy1 and @Withheld Could you please clarify how you resolved this? While looking for solution to pingdom and GTMetrix not recognizing my Cloudflare CDN, I also discovered this “invalid IP” problem on the ping test. Are they related? I would like to get both fixed. I am using W3 Total Cache plugin with Cloudflare extension. Thanks

Although I got a “Invalid IP” response from keycdn, works great and showed me Cloudflare’s speed. So now, it is just the issue of getting Pingdom and GTMetrix to recognize the CDN.

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