Cloudflare not updating DNS

Hello everyone!
I have a cloudflare account with an A entry with my domain pointing to my WAN IP.
Until 2 days ago, it worked perfectly, and I was able to ping my domain, which gave me back my WAN IP. Yesterday I deleted the A entry and made an IDENTICAL one for testing purposes (usually cloudflare updates the dns after this operation in seconds). Since then I can’t ping my domain anymore. I checked every setting on my domain provider page, same in cloudflare panel.
What could be the problem?


You dont seem to have any records set up for the naked domain and “www”.

That’s the problem, I do have it!

Right now you have a DNS record for

Try recreating with @ in the name to represent the root.

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erin and trey. I checked, they are pointed correctly by my domain provider.

That was it! Thank you very much!!

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