Cloudflare not updating A Record with proxy on

I am using Cloudflare with google cloud hosting. When the proxy is off it start working. Otherwise even after adding the new DNS records it only shows my old DNS record in website. I don’t know why it is showing my old DNS if I turn on the proxy. And even SSL cert is also not working.

Most likely Why does a DNS lookup on my domain not return the IP address I configured?

Did your site work fine on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

Yes sir, it was working fine. I have changed my hosting and moved to google cloud hosting. Right now my website is opening when the DNS proxy is off. Also the SSL certificates are not working.

Well, no, I am afraid your site is not working and is not secure.

You first need to fix your server and make sure it’s working properly on HTTPS.

If you will click on Accept Risk and Continue then website will open. What changed I need to make on my google cloud server, can you suggest. Cloudflare SSL are not working, if Cloudflare SSL will start working then I don’t need to make any change on the google hosting server

Well, that is the very definition of insecure. You need to fix your server before you do anything with Cloudflare. Talk to your host about that.

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But its not the mistake of my server. Cloudflare SSL certificate are on and it should provide the certificate which it is not doing currently. Like the proxy DNS is not working same the SSL are not working. If Cloudflare SSL will work then website will not show this message. This message is because of the SSL only.

We are going in circles here. Yes, it is the issue on your server because - as I have written twice already - it is not properly configured.

You need a working SSL setup on your server before you do anything else.

Sir, Cloudflare also provides the working SSL then why you are saying for SSL only from google. Why my website is not using Cloudflare certificate?

No offence, but are you reading what I am writing?

Go to and get a certificate, then your site will work with Cloudflare too. Alternatively you can get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare. The search has more on that.

I am already having Cloudflare certificate, please see here.

That is the proxy certificate, not the server certificate.

Once more, you need to follow the advice given in this thread. We are just going in circles at this point.

I have successfully installled SSL certificate on my google hosting server and now I am able to access my website with https// But still when I am turning ON the DNS proxy in Cloudflare then my website stop working.

Yeah, you do have a valid certificate now (though it does not cover the www host and that could be an issue) and I can also confirm that there’s a 403 when going via the proxies.

This 403 comes from your server and your server will be blocking the requests from Cloudflare. You’ll need to go through your server logs and check why it blocks it and adjust your server configuration.

Also make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

When the Cloudflare proxy is off then it shows desired A record i.e. But as I turn on the DNS proxy then two show 2 IP from my previous hosting. Previously I was using bluehost with their internal Cloudflare on. In bluehost I have not signed up for Cloudflare they were having the inbult option for it.
Is this may cause this problem that with my previous hosting I was using their inbult Cloudflare and that is why Cloudflare is showing my previous IP in A record when I turn on the proxy?

If you had an earlier Cloudflare integration with your host you should definitely disable everything there as that might override certain settings in your current account.

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