Cloudflare Not Supporting Podcast

Well the issue I had a few weeks ago is back. Due to a caching setting with Cloudflare iTunes is unable to pull my podcast.

Lets start with how the Cast Feed Validator sees Cloudflare.
XWARNING: We have detected Cloudflare service, which may cause issues with podcasting.

Say what??? I would have never signed up for your service had I known this.

Here is what siteground says:
that the issue is related to Cloudflare DNS as that is the place from where your site is being cached.

Here is what iTunes says:
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

I have been able to confirm your updates are not visible on Apple Podcast, because we have not been able to connect to your RSS feed.

The connection to your feed was interrupted due to a connection timeout error.

To resolve this issue, we recommend working with your host provider.

Be sure to test your podcast and validate your RSS feed before you submit it.

Apple recommends using or Cast Feed Validator to validate your feed.

When clicking the links iTunes provided to check, an error pops up due to Cloudflare.

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