Cloudflare not showing my mail A record


I updated my nameservers to Cloudflare as I have many times and for this site the incoming mail is not working. I can see in the DNS there is no mail A record and all other settings are proxied, in fact there seems to be several sections missing compared to other sites I have on cloudflare. Any help would be great!

What plan are you on? I see you have a wildcard proxy, which is an Enterprise plan feature. The wildcard is responding to the ‘mail’ subdomain, but that won’t work.

To answer your question, you need an “A” record for ‘mail’ with the IP address of your mail server. And it needs to be set to :grey:. That should fix it.

Hi, Yes its just the free plan! Do I need to change something here?
So I should manually set up a new A record as you explain above and thats it?

This is what all of my other sites look like, as you can see there are a whole bunch of A records missing FTP, NS etc
Is this because of the wildcard you mentioned? don’t really understand sorry am a novice where DNS is concerned!

Wildcards are unadvisable except in special circumstances. I suggest you get rid of those, unless you have additional subdomains with special considerations.

ns1 and ns2 records generally unnecessary, as Cloudflare already provides those automatically.

You can most likely get rid of the ‘ftp’ entries, as you’re using WordPress and probably don’t need direct file access.

And don’t forget to add an “A” record for ‘mail’ with the IP address of your mail server and make sure it’s set to :grey:.

OK Great, sorry to ask but getting rid of the wildcards? Could you tell me exactly which ones they are?

An asterisk (*) is a wildcard.

Ah! Many thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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