Cloudflare Not Showing My Domain

I added a site to Cloudflare so I could use my email via Kajabi. Once I finally figured out the correct settings it has worked smoothly for 2 years.

Today my web host (Greengeeks) migrated servers and now I need to update the MX records of the domain so it points correctly to Kajabi. Greengeeks confirmed that it was still being managed by Cloudflare, but when I logged in there is not a site associated with my account.

Can someone please help me resolve this. My email for my business will not work until I can!

Thanks in advance!

There are two possibilities:

  1. You may have more than one Cloudflare account, and your domain may be in a different Cloudflare account of yours.

  2. Your Cloudflare usage may be managed by Kajabi in their own Cloudflare account.

When setting up your custom domain in Kajabi, you have the option to let Kajabi manage your DNS (so you change your domain’s nameservers to whatever Kajabi gives you), or manage your domain’s DNS yourself (and CNAME your domain to

I recommend you check your Kajabi settings to see how you connected your domain.

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Hi George -

I do not think I have another account and all of the correspondence about this domain has been sent to redacted. In the email below the Cloudflare tech support agent confirmed the connection between redacted domain on 4/18/22 (screenshot below), so I am not sure what is going on.

I also provided the copy from an email from a Cloudflare agent confirming that the domain was associated with this email.

If you have record of the domain being under a different email could you please let me know so I can access it and make the necessary changes.

Thank you so much -

My guess from what I see…

That email screenshot shows confirmation the domain was added to the account with your gmail address and the nameservers were coraline and weston. It was noted you needed to change your nameservers to activate the domain.

It seems you didn’t do this as your domain is currently using the “previous” jermaine and joyce nameservers.

After 28 days of pending status, the domain would have been deleted from your account as you didn’t make it active by changing the nameservers so the domain is still active whatever the old account was.

You can either try to get into that old account (log out of the dashboard and press “Forgot your email”) or add the domain back to your new account and set it up again.

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Thank you so much for this info! Unfortunately the nameservers wouldn’t work to send email through Kajabi which is why I had to use the others, which did work.

As things are working currently w Kajabi I think I’ll just keep it all as is!

But really appreciate your insights!

Why not?

Since your Cloudflare DNS was being managed by Kajabi (jermaine and joyce are the two Cloudflare nameservers Kajabi give to their customers)… all you had to do was to add/update the necessary DNS records in Kajabi, instead of Cloudflare.

I have several clients using Kajabi with DNS managed from Kajabi’s end, and I have never had any issues using 3rd-party mail servers.

But, ultimately, taking full control of your DNS would even better for you in the long run – except you’d have to make the necessary changes in both Kajabi and Cloudflare to get your Kajabi site to work (if you were to take over your DNS).

Good luck!

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