Cloudflare Not Showing In Source Code

Hello -

I’m new to this so please pardon my ignorance. I set up CloudFare through my hosting company (Liquid Web). Because I did this, it did not require me to change my DNS. It did however require me to update CNAME records which I did.

When I tried various methods to check for the CDN (Dr. Flare, view source) I see no reference that the CDN in fact is working.

My host told me it’s because I’m on the free plan and my site has too many files/too large for CloudFare to handle under the free plan. Not sure how true that is.

In any event I need help determining if in fact the CDN is enabled. And if so, how come it is not handling my images, scripts and other elements.

Here is the site in question:

Thank you

Not very true, as far as I can tell. Unless your host has some special agreement with Cloudflare.

There are certain restrictions on Cloudflare, but these usually do not apply to the number of files.

Your “www” record is proxied through Cloudflare, not your naked domain though. That is a typical setup for a partner setup such as yours however and there is not really much more you can, save for disabling Cloudflare at your host’s and signing up for a full account with Cloudflare directly.

I have the option to upgrade to the pro plan. Do you think that may help?

I dont know what your host offers, but the professional plan on Cloudflare will still require a full setup on Cloudflare and not like your current partner setup.

I somewhat doubt upgrading to a paid plan with your host will change anything, but that is something you should clarify with your host as only they can give you a definitive statement.

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