Cloudflare not serving site

I am having two issues.

  1. My clients website isn’t showing that cloudflare is handling the CDN anymore. This week it was but all of a sudden it stopped. I updated my site with a few things and purged the site cache and the cloudflare cache.
  2. My clients site is getting an error saying “serving mixed content”. I made sure to force https is on.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

That domain is not using Cloudflare. Not DNS, nor proxy services. The problem you are now seeing on the site has absolutely nothing to do with Cloudflare. If you plan on adding the site to Cloudflare, make sure you’ve resolved this problem beforehand.

It is registered on Cloudflare. I am registered and logged into the panel and the site shows it is active. I used the API key with my litespeed cache plugin to activate. I ran the test from the plugin to test connection and it is active.

Here is a picture of it showing active:

Also here is my dashboard

It looks like the Nameservers changed four days ago, to Google nameservers.

As to the mixed content, it’s the same problem regardless of where it is hosted. You have references to http assets somewhere on your site, and these need to be resolved in your CMS.

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OK thank you. Ill take a look at that now.

Sorry i had a brain fart earlier. I just realized what i did and didn’t update cloudflare name servers in my google registrar. Sorry if my responses sounded snippy

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