Cloudflare not serving assets from AWS S3

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I have a WordPress site and am offloading my media (images, etc.) to Amazon S3. My site also has a Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate installed on it for SSL.

I setup a CNAME in Cloudflare that aliases to my S3 bucket so that my assets are served from Cloudflare’s CDN.

Unfortunately, my assets do not load on my site if I set my Cloudflare’s SSL encryption to ‘Full (Strict)’. My assets do load when I switch Cloudflare’s SSL encryption to just ‘Full’ though.

Is this because Cloudflare is sourcing the media from a 3rd party (S3), and so can’t use the certificate I’ve got on my site to verify the strictest security?

If so, would a solution be to add my Cloudflare-issued SSL to Amazon’s Certificate Manager? If not, what would be the recommended course of action?

Any help would be appreciated.

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It’s because S3 doesn’t have a valid certificate for your domain. Nor do I think you can add a Cloudflare Origin certificate to S3. At least S3 has some sort of cert. Last time I tried, I don’t think that was an option.

Unless you can add that cert, you’ll have to settle for Full (not strict). Some people resort to Cloudfront so they can have that cert.

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