Cloudflare not securing other pages in my website

I am new to all of this and i am having some issues securing my website. I have looked everywhere but it is all very confusing and i have not found an answer. thank you in advance!

So my problem goes like this:

I have a website let’s take for example this:
when i navigate to the website it says it’s Secured. But the problem is when i navigate to a page inside my website for example: i get chrome and my phone saying " Your connection is not private" and it says next to the URL “Not Secured”.

thank you in advance for the help.

Hi @jastenglerhansen,

Are you able to share the domain and URL so we can check?

Have you enabled ‘Always use HTTPS’ under ‘SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates’?

Yes i have enabled “Always use HTTPS”
and my website is
but when i go to
it says it is not secured

Both are secured for me

Have you recently added your site? It could just be a caching/propagation issue that will resolve itself.

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It turns out i though i had enabled it but i re checked and it was not on
Thank you so much!

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No problem, glad it’s working :slight_smile:

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