Cloudflare not routing to azure web app


Recently I’ve registered a new domain with GoDaddy and I wish to use cloudflare with Azure web app. I have set up the custom domain within Azure following the guide to set up an A, CNAME and TXT record.

Unfortunately, when going to my domain, the default GoDaddy website instead of my azure application. My domain is

Appreciate any guidance!

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records here? It’s ok to black out any IP addresses.

Please see below

Now it’s a different result. It’s stuck in a redirect loop.

Did Azure’s instructions tell you to add an “A” record with an IP address? If it was showing a default GoDaddy website, that IP address may have been the GoDaddy one.


It’s just taking a while for DNS to propagate. If you just added this domain to Cloudflare, it may take 48 hours for DNS to catch up.

Redirect Loop:

When I changed the name servers to Cloudflare, it picked up an “A” record which had the IP address of GoDaddy. I amended it to the azure web app IP address but retained the old value when pinging the domain name.

I’ll leave it a bit longer and see if it just needed to catch up :slight_smile:

:wave: @dave.james.reilly,

Based on @sdayman’s screenshot I suspect you SSL settings are ‘flexible’. Try setting them to ‘full’.


Hi Oliver,

It was set to Flexible, I have now set it to Full. However, nothing has changed yet :slight_smile:

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