Cloudflare not returning IP behind WARP anymore

If a user used Cloudflare Warp to access your website, Cloudflare used to put the real user’s IP in the cf-connecting-ip header (we can even see a post about it here: WARP exposing client's IP to websites behind Cloudflare?).

Now I don’t think they do that. The IP in the header is the VPN’s IP address instead of the user’s IP. Can anyone reproduce this? Why have they suddenly changed this without telling anyone?

Correct, Cloudflare changed that a while ago - FAQ · Cloudflare WARP client docs

Plus, there’s an article at

Yes, Cloudflare still shows your real IP.


IIRC there are some client dependencies but with the latest version the address should not be visible any more, see the linked article for details.

my address is not visible if I receive IP from block 8.43..

Now 104.28..

Please discuss this in the thread where you already posted, as it would be off-topic for the thread here. The OP asked why the address is not visible any more and that’s explained by the article.

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