Cloudflare not resolving DNS requests to my domain

My domain name, msmdla(.)com was resolving through Cloudflare, suddenly, it stopped, i tried to remove and add the site again, nothing changed, but now i am stucked to “Pending Name Server Update” more than 24h, rechecked the spelling of dns reocrds and whois info, the registrar is pointing to:
Name Server: JACQUELINE(.)NS(.)Cloudflare(.)COM
Name Server: MARVIN(.)NS(.)Cloudflare(.)COM
as it should be, but anyways, i get NXDOMAIN dns response
Checked both 1,1,1,1 and 8,8,8,8, none can’t resolve it

DNSSEC not enabled

The domain has a clientHold status. You will need to contact the registrar to resolve.

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What does it mean?

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