CloudFlare not renewing my SSL certificate

Since my SSL certificate expire date of 2020-02-02, CloudFlare have still not renewed my certificate. My sites has been like this for almost 24 hours now. It is the standard issued SSL certificate from CF.

Is there any trick to speed up the automatic SSL renewal, this looks very bad for me.

Hi @henrik.pontus.johans,

Are you able to share the domain name with the issue? is one of them.

You could try disabling Universal SSL and re-enabling it a few minutes later, on the SSL/TLS app of your Cloudflare dashboard. I do see the expired Cloudflare certificate.

I would also let support know.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. Please also share your ticket number here.

Thanks for you fast replies.

I have created the support ticket: 1825211
And in the ticket I also linked this forum post.

Generally if CloudFlare has these issues, it would be nice if they would renew certificates at least 24 hours prior to the expire date. And if so, not just exactly when they expire. Makes no sense at all.

I tried disabling and enabling fast (did not work), but the matter still persists that CloudFlare has some internal issues in their code since the SSL certificates expires before being renewed.

No problem, thank you. I don’t know why it is failing, but hopefully support can help. If you get an autoresponse on the ticket that doesn’t help, just reply to keep it open.


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It looks like the certificate was renewed in November, but obviously something went wrong in the provisioning system.

Thank you for that information.
Is very logical that they tried to renew the certificates a couple of months prior to its expire date.

So, I guess all that I have to do now is wait for it to get fixed.
Since the technicality of how these are generated has nothing to do with my end.

Looks like your good to go now, I just went to your site ( and it loaded quickly and without any problems. Also your new SSL Certificate shows that its valid from 02/3/2020 to 10/9/2020.

Yes. I got help from support which renewed my certificates a few days ago (2020-02-04).

Everything checks out now.
I hope that automatic certificate renewal will work next time without any issues.*

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