Cloudflare not recognizing WordPress for Plugin

We have a hybrid Magento 2.4 & WordPress website on a Nexcess Cloud Server.

The Magento installation is at and the WordPress installation is at

The blog is driving the vast majority of website traffic to the domain. To optimize its speed, I thought it made sense to enable the Automatic Platform Optimization for WordPress, but Cloudflare isn’t detecting WordPress on our domain even after multiple re-checks.

Should we simply install the Cloudflare Plugin on WordPress even though Cloudflare doesn’t currently recognize the platform on our domain? FYI - We are also running WP Rocket.

Are you saying you don’t currently have that plugin installed and active? I believe that’s what the check is looking for, though I’m not sure the check is smart enough to look in a subdirectory.

I believe your configuration is supported, though:

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