CloudFlare not recognising nameserver update

Hi, we’ve just recently updated the name servers to point to Cloudflare and I was waiting for Cloudflare to recognise them. They’re showing as fully propagated on a DNS search but still pending in Cloudflare. The domain is with Google Domains. I’ve checked older threads and seen stuff about DNSSEC but that isn’t setup on the Google Domain. Is there anything else that could be causing Cloudflare not to recognise the name servers? They all seem to be working in that I can add a records etc. on Cloudflare and they’re recognised. Does anyone have any ideas?

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One obstacle that may be more common than invalid DNSSEC, is a typo in the nameserver hostname entered at the registrar.

Can you share the domain name here so that others may better help?

Thanks, the domain is

Name servers all spelt correctly. If I make amends to the domain records in Cloudflare they’re showing up in a DNS search so the name servers must be working OK.

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I would double check. Look at Name Server: in particular. I suspect you’ll be sorted once you adjust that entry.

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I can’t see the issue. When I check here…

It all looks fine. I can’t see a misspelling. I can only check there, it’s my client who’s made the actual change.

You are checking the DNS. You need to be checking the whois.

Thanks, I didn’t know they could show different values. How can the dns check show it being correct?! I’ll get the client to fix.

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