CLoudflare Not Properly Routing Domain

I am posing this AGAIN because apparently some folks are sensitive about domains with guns. Grow up.

Our doain is not being properly handled by Cloudflare.

SO we turned the nameservers back to GoDaddy - waited 24 hours and did lots of checks, then put them back to CF.

Once again any reference to greybirchsolutions dot com is pointing to BigCommerce.

As you can see in the screen capture DNS is set to point to our server in Montreal Canada. Yet anyone that goes to the domain goes to BigCommerce.

The domain is being routed though CF, and DNS checks confirm that. See the second screen capture.

This is a Cloudflare issue - and I REALLY need help from an actual Cloudflare person to get it resolved!

I am new so can embed images (even though I am paying customer) so here are the screen captures in a gallery

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