CloudFlare not playing well with Jetpack

My jetpack crashed. I went to reactivate it but I could not. The error message asked me to contact the host which I did. They suggested ‘pausing’ CloudFlare and viola! I was able to reconnect to jetpack.

I have looked and looked to see what the issue is but to no avail. Any suggestions to fix this?

By the way, this is the second time the issue has happened.

Johny {redacted}

If you’re still encountering issues, some discussion of jetpack here, Cloudflare interferrence with Jetpack/WooCommerce

With a reference to


I don’t see any references to recovering after a crash in any of these discussions…suspecting that is a question for the jetpack forum. But, I’d approach it as a new instance and make sure the crash did not affect the jetpack configuration and ensure you have whitelisted the jetpack IPs in cloudflare. Post back and let us know how it’s going and steps to recover.

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