Cloudflare not performing http -> https rewrites

As stated in the title, Cloudflare does not seem to be rewriting my non-https traffic to https.
My DNS records are as follows:

CNAME www (proxied)
CNAME @ (proxied)
A api myip (proxied)

With a page rule:*
Forwarding URL
(Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, url:$1)

And my SSL settings:

SSL/TLS encryption mode: Full
Always Use HTTPS: On
Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: On

As far as all the configuration seems, I don’t see any problems with it? Yet, none of my non-https requests are being rewritten to https requests.

Note: it seems to perform the rewrites for my subdomain but not for any other.

Can you please post the real uncensored PageRule, so we can have a look at?


Should be Full Strict.

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