Cloudflare not obeying page for high edge TTL Cache

I have the page rule for url matching /content/* then cache evrything, standard, set browser cache ttl to 1 hours and edge cache ttl to 1 month.

The rule works because i can see the cache-control settings getting chnaged 1hour.
I again tried getting the url after 5-6 hours and see that cf-cache-status is EXPIRED . It should be HIT for 1 month. why is that ?

Is that because i am free user ?

I am afraid, no. It will be HIT for a maximum of a month, but it can and will be evicted much earlier.

That settings specifies for how long at maximum it will be cached, not the minimum.

Is there any way / property etc to setup minimum period for cache ?

There isn’t. The number of requests determines how long a resource will be cached, as well as your plan level. Resources of Free plans are the first to be evicted.

There’s, however that’s still a beta version.


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