Cloudflare not minificating CSS

Semrush signals me that i’m not minifying some css and in fact they don’t look minimized.
But I’ve enabled the minification. The only error I get from the diagnostic is related to DS record which seems to relate to security.

Any suggestion?


Once enabled, Cloudflare’s Auto minify will minify your HTML and your cached CSS & JS files.

And your entire website doesn’t look like it’s configured to cache - did you enable Development mode or did you create a page rule to bypass the cache?

And regarding the DS record, it has nothing to do with your caching and auto minification, but it’s good to have DNSSEC enabled for better DNS security.

Thanks for the fast reply.
I’ve checked and I’m not using pagerules which bypass the cache.
Anyway I’m using Ezoic Leap as an accelerator and I’m not sure if it interfere with Cloudflare. It’s debug helper said that it couldn’t cache because of Vary Headers from origin: sec-ch-ua-mobile. I don’t know who is adding it to my headers but now I’ve told it to remove that header.

May I ask you another question to better understand how Ezoic + Cloudflare work together?

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