Cloudflare not doing anything

What is the name of the domain?

What is the error number?


What is the error message?


What is the issue you’re encountering

visiting the site works, just nothing works on cloudflare

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

tried migrating dns registrars to cloudflare, nothing seems to be working even tho the site works hard to exsplain

If you mean no Cloudflare features are working, that’s because your DNS records are set to “DNS only” so requests go direct to your origin server/host. You will need to proxy the records that point to your web site for requests to pass through Cloudflare.



I proxied the dns records, but now the website wont pull up

Works for me, perhaps clear browser cache?


ok using port 80 , standard works, but the program is made to run on port 8096 and it was working before transfering my domain to cloudflare and proxying the dns records

The Cloudflare proxy doesn’t listen on that port.

You can map to it on the backend with an Origin Rule, but the front end has to use a supported port or be :grey: DNS Only.

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If it is the Emby media server, using that application with a proxied hostname could result in your account getting ToS’d. Best to be thankful that it didn’t use standard ports, set it to :grey: DNS Only and don’t look back.

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yeah its for just my family, by setting to dns only does it give up protection ?

Yes. DNS Only hostnames will only have whatever protection you provide at the location of the host.

I understand wanting to secure your media server from potential attacks, but the Cloudflare proxy is unlikely to be the right tool for the job due to the ToS restrictions

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so basically transfering my domain to cloudflare was a waste lol, i thought it could help me