Cloudflare not creating new SSL Certificates

So currently, I am trying to get my SSL set up for my domains and it’s been over 24 hours since I activated it, however the field still shows as full and I can’t seem to figure out why I’m not receiving any new certificates


On the SSL/TLS settings page, the Universal SSL Status should be Active. Is it? Is anything listed in the Edge Certificates section?

Here’s some information:

Currently the Edge Certificates are showing up as an error. As well as the Universal SSL not being active as it’s stating that it’s invalid for a universal SSL.

The ineligible for SSL is due to a setting set by your partner when you signed up I believe. You could remove these domains and sign up direct or contact the partner for information on why/how they configure their zones.

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So we partner through BlueHost, a Cloudflare partner, and it should just be editing the DNS record directly in BlueHost right

The ineligible for SSL is (as far as I know anyway) based on the provisioning call made by BlueHost. I’m not aware of any change that could be made on the Cloudflare end to change that particular ‘error’. So my suggestion would be to touch base with them directly.

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