Cloudflare Not Connecting to Gmail Email

Hi there,

I recently set up Cloudflare for an existing website where i use my domain email through gmail. Unfortunately, the emails do not seem to be coming through to my gmail anymore since the switch. The error says ’ Server returned error "Connection timed out. I am unsure of how to connect the new Cloudflare records with this gmail account. Can anyone please confirm how to connect these up? I have left screenshots for my gmail, Cloudflare and host siteground . Please let me know if you require anything else.


You mean emails sent to your address do not arrive or you cannot send and fetch those emails?

For the former case, you have three MX records set up pointing to three hosts. Is that correct?

As for the latter, you have configured your mail hosts to your naked domain which is now proxied through Cloudflare. This does not work in an email related context. Change all your hostnames from to and it should start working again.

thanks Sandro i have fixed the issue.

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