Cloudflare not connecting to Freenom

I am using Freenom to host my domain and people recommended I use cloudflare to manage the DNS. Thing is, its not connecting to Freenom for some reason. I followed the instructions on cloudflare and replaced Freenom’s nameservers with the ones cloudflare. But it is not working.

The very first posting on this forum “suggests” one should post their domain name.

With you not having done so, how should anybody say anything about your domain?

Also, the search feature is there for a reason :wink:

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Then I’d suggest you start at #Tutorials, as that covers most questions people have.

As for your issue, the nameservers are correctly set, but you havent set up DNS records. Or have you?

I have the following setup:
CNAME | www |
MX |

Honestly, I just googled like half of this up.

In that case your account might experience DNS Update Delays

is that an internet issue or cloudflare?

That is a current issue with Cloudflare. Just wait a couple of hours.

ok :smiley:
and if it still doesnt work?

Then you can post again :wink:

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:slight_smile: ill just reply to this post again. Thanks! i will mark you as the solution for now.

You can use the time inbetween to set up a proper SSL certificate on your server. If you want to use HTTPS you will need that and you dont have that right now.

ok… how do i do that?

edit: also, when I click speed check, it gives me a 503 error.


Google will also help. You could also ask your hosting provider.

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ok :slight_smile: also, check the edit I made on the reply above

one more thing, does the tutorial cover how to get the ip for my site?

For the speed issue, wait until the domain properly resolves. Until then you cannot do much. Fix your security/certificate issue on the server, that you can do straight away.

ok. thanks for everything :slight_smile:

hi again! So because of the current delay issue, can I change the nameservers temporarily back to freenom? Or will this cause it to reset the delay time?

edit: i reached the max replies for a new user :frowning:

You can change the nameservers, but I expect the issue to only last a short time and overall it is not highly recommended to change nameservers all that often. Unless you need your site to be working now I’d simply wait.

And with the SSL certificate you have something to keep busy anyhow :slight_smile:

The site resolves just fine on Cloudflare now, though you still dont have a certificate on your server and the fact that it loads through Cloudflare would indicate that you have an insecure encryption mode set.

Again, fix the certificate and the encryption mode.