Cloudflare not completing nameserver setup

Using the WHOIS service that cloudflare links it says TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED does this mean that cloudflare cannot verify the nameservers of my domain? When I use the tool it shows that the domain nameservers are updated but cloudflare does not update to show that the nameservers have updated. I have waited over 24 hours just to make sure they have updated.

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Your domain has the correct nameservers set, however the registry does not return them. As your domain’s status is “not delegated” I assume there is some issue with your domain. You’ll need to contact your registrar about that.

Should I delegate the domain?

Possibly, cant tell you I am afraid. You best contact your registrar about that.

I show the domain as active in cloudflare and delegated on Perhaps turn on Always use https on the SSL/TLS app, Edge Certificates tab to ensure visitors always end up on

The domain is delegated now and resolves fine.

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