Cloudflare Not cashing - not cashe

New to all of this but I see that it isn’t pulling any cashe data. I also went into developer tools and see that it says “dynamic”

I’ve tried to read but I can’t find anything that seems specific to my issue.

I put page rules on different ways. I’ve turned them off and cleared the cashe.

Additional things to note - I transferred my domain to Cloudflare today but verified it with my old provider and it shows Cloudflare now has control of it.

I have a paid plan

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am lost.

Also nothing on my site is dynamic. I have a static site

In total “0 B” have been transfered, how should Cloudflare cache anything as a reverseProxy CDN if there is not traffic at Cloudflare:

What is you domain and what are your Cloudflare settings regarding:

  1. DNS (proxied :orange:, or unproxied :grey:?)
  2. general mode? Are you in developer mode?
  3. are your NS already propagated?

Also for Cloudflares analytics it may take up some hours, to catch up and show real results.

HTML always is declared as DYNAMIC since Cloudflare by simply receiving HTML can’t tell, if it is static of dynamic - the rest should be cached and have HIT as cf-cache-status.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have origin cache control enabled and want Cloudflare to cache your assets, then you should use a Cache Everything Rule or change the origin cache control. Either way this should not result in “0 B” traffic, since traffic is in this regard independend from cache.

i have enabled cache everything rule for some time. nothing happened. should i turn both on at the same time or just one or the other

Somehow I can’t call this page… it’s not resolving for me. If you just set that domain up on Cloudflare please give it some hours. Propagation (depending on your former DNS service) might take some time.

ok, yes it was i will give it a day or so than check back

Wait … is there a chance your old registrar had DNSSEC enabled?

This checks shows some DNSSEC problems: | DNSViz

i will ask. what else should i do to see or fix it

should it be enabled or no?

It should be, but it is a powerfull tool which you should just enable if:

  1. you know what you do
  2. you know where to enable it

You DNSSEC seems to be active on your old registrar, there you have to disable it and enable it through Cloudflare, or just leave it disabled.


support help me fix everything idk what they did but its wroking now. thans again for the help!\

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