Cloudflare Not Caching Website - Free Plan

I have just noticed Cloudflare is no longer caching my website. The site has been on the FREE plan for years. I have checked DNS and confirmed setup with my caching plugin, Swift Performance. Any advise would greatly be appreciated.

How do you know it isn’t caching?

What’s the domain and an example of a file that isn’t being cached?

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The dashboard overview and caching data telling me there has been no data cached. Our site is Thank you.

That site is not Proxied by Cloudflare. Its DNS entries for and www need to be set to :orange: Proxied, and the domain can’t be Paused on the Overview screen.


This is odd? I never disabled and just turned on. Would you recommend mail, cPanel, and ftp be proxied as well? Thank you for your assistance.

Only the website hostnames should be :orange: Proxied.


Thank you very much!

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