CloudFlare Not Caching Static Assets according to WebPageTest

I have used WebPageTest and found that I have not properly configured my new cdn . I am very new to Cloudflare and am very optimistic about positive results .
At this time I can run Page Speed Insights and go to bed with a score of 94 Mobile and 98 Desktop .
In the morning the first test yields will yield different results. 79 Mobile and 89 Desktop .
I really need Cloudflare to alleviate this issue and yield 94 Mobile 98 Desktop or higher after a good nights sleep .
Because of this I tested my site with WebPageTest . I have a screenshot if necessary .
My site is .
My user name is [email protected] .
I like to consider myself tech savvy but I would also love a solution in layman’s terms .
Any and all help will be welcome .
I know that 79 Mobile and 89 Desktop are descent numbers but this is a business website and I have to do my best to acquire the highest scores possible .
I can be happy with 94-96 Mobile and 97-99 Desktop .
I just need to see these numbers at any time of the day just like Google does .
Thanx Guys
Michael Starley
Personal Drone Repair

On your website score is very good (99 or 100) for all except these 3:

Thank you very much for the reply !

I just finished reading an article on Page Speed Insights that enlightened me .

I am very pleased with my GTMtrix and Pingdom scorse .

I have thought that Google uses Page Speed Insight scores for SEO .

I do not believe that this is true after the article I have read .

Thank You once again

Michael Starley

Personal Drone Repair

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Congrats. According to your speed score you are really a tech savvy.


" Persistence Beats Resistance Every Time " :grinning:

Thank you for the kind words and help .
Michael Starley


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