Cloudflare not caching properly?


I noticed my own site is having some caching issues, steps I’ve taken so far:

  1. Purged Everything in Cloudflare dashboard
  2. Tried clearing the cache from my hosting providers dashboard but ran into (and continue to) an issue with Cloudflare. I’ll provide a screen snippet.
  3. Contacted Cloudflare support - awaiting their response on it.
  4. Contacted my hosting provider, managed to confirm my suspicions with regards that it’s a Cloudflare misconfiguration or temp issue.

I’m sorry if it’s nothing to really go on, my site’s images aren’t loading properly and it’s definitely got a slower performance.

New to this, sorry in advance!

Cache error - Dreamhost Panel

This seems the same case as me.

It’s been at least two weeks that I’m having the same problem disabling cloudflare fix the issue so there is some misconfiguration over cloudflare.

Thanks for your reply, I was suggested the same thing from my host. If you’re having issues too could definitely be something on their end


I’ve been using Cloudflare for a number of years.

At the moment my sites are taking a long time to load or often not at all. Cloudflare says that my origin server is not available yet if I enable developer mode in the caching options my sites load fine.

What’s going on?

Could this be related to the issues seen above?




*There’s really no insight on this from Cloudflare??

Since you mentioned you tried clearing your Cloudflare cache from your hosting provider’s dashboard, yours seems to be a Cloudflare “partner setup”, where a partner (hosting company) provides and charges for Cloudflare services. In a partner setup, your DNS is typically pointed to your hosting provider with a special CNAME configuration.

You should insist with your hosting provider that they offer you a solution. You may also want to share both your domain name and the name of your provider in the hope some volunteer here in the community may have a similar setup and perhaps a tip or two on how to deal with your problem.

Alternatively, you may want to remove your domain from Cloudflare via your hosting partner, and re-add it directly on Cloudflare’s dashboard, to have fuller control of Cloudflare services. But you should only do so after comparing your provider’s prices (if any) to those of Cloudflare, as plans and prices do vary.

As for the problem itself, just saying images are not caching/loading properly, or are taking too long to load, is not enough to qualify the issue. Please provide your domain name and be more specific as to what errors you may be seeing.

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