Cloudflare not caching on the first visit

Hello. Is it true that Cloudflare cf-cache-status is MISS on the first visit? If yes then visitors far away from my server will experience slow loading. How to resolve that? Thank you.

Hi @quannguyenhoang79,

That’s just the way Cloudflare works. Each colo has its own cache that populates as users visit your site. There are no guarantees how long an item will stay in cache if it’s unpopular and the first visit to a specific colo will always be a miss.

Thanks for the reply!
So in conclusion, cf-cache-status on first visit is ALWAYS a MISS. And Cloudflare is only useful on next visits. Am I correct?

Yes, the cache status will always be a miss the first time it is requested from a specific datacenter and will only speed up requests on subsequent visits.

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