Cloudflare not caching minified css and pictures

i have a wordpress site i am trying to get to load faster. Everytime i run the test from gtmetrix i keep getting 0 for not using a CDN for 17 resources, and horrible scores for reducing requests despite combining the minified scripts.

I have already tried page rules but it doesnt seem to work and everytime i retest it still shows the same thing.

it also shows no data in the analytics despite the website having been around for months using cloudflare and i do see server load on the host for the website so there are visitors. Cloudflares own analytics show my site loading in less than 1 second. Testing from gtmetrix shows it load in less than 3 seconds. Refreshing my web browser and timing it shows it loading in less than 3 seconds. Is cloudflare even working? I have everything set up and it used to work or show stats last time but loading was slower before i figured out the best setup for caching.


Your domain is not using Cloudflare at all.

Thats odd since the domain is already on cloudflare and i’ve also set up the cache plugin on wordpress. what am i missing?

The nameservers point to your host, you need to change that.

Just did, still not working. In cloudflare it shows that the DNS is managed by a cloudflare partner. I changed the nameservers to cloudflare and still the same analysis, only now with 1 second more of load time.

You still dont have a valid setup, as you now simply added the Cloudflare nameservers to the existing ones. Please follow the setup mentioned at

i’ve removed the non cloudflare DNS entries, but now pageinsights and webpagetest are both giving DNS errors.

Where did you take these nameservers from? These are not the ones Cloudflare is announcing.

At this point it probably is best to remove the whole domain from Cloudflare and start from scratch, precisely following the setup instructions.

I dont think its possible to re-add the website as its offered as part of the hosting package on my host, however i did find that it asked to add a txt to my domain which i never did. So i’ve added but how long will it take before cloudflare checks it?

If it is part of a partner setup and not a direct, full setup it is best to contact your host as they will know all the necessary steps.

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thanks, will do. Im also trying to optimise another website which seems to be using cloudflare but takes 7 seconds to load despite cloudflare saying less than 1 second. Any pointers on what settings i should look at for getting the best out of cloudflare for wordpress?

The first step should be to make sure the site itself is performing well. Cloudflare should be used mostly for caching but you have to be careful not to cache too much. Check out and the search here on the forum as there is plenty of that already here.

Thanks, i just realised that for caching to properly work its best to use the page rules. Just managed to get another website down from 7s to 2s but i have to optimise further at the website itself. At the very least something loads almost instantly from the website which is what i as aiming for. I guess once i get DNS sorted for the previous domain i can get started to using cloudflare to its full potential as i’ve optimised what i can of the domain to ensure that everything works well.

The easiest test i can do is to check if the cookie message pops up as if i optimise js wrong it wont.

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