Cloudflare not caching anything


we are using cloudflare from years ago with Business plan in our domain

Today cloudflare is not serving cached contents as usual and all traffic is being requested to our backend. We have checked and not changed have done in our Cloudflare configuration.

You can see last 6 hours traffic vs last week traffic:

Is there any issue? Could you help us?

Thanks in advance.

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It would appear as if you configured your domain to bypass the cache. Can you post a screenshot of your page rules?

Check whether you have any page rules either bypassing the cache or enabling origin cache-control, while sending a cache-control header from your server which would disable caching.

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There is only one page rule and it is from years ago:

There is only one DNS record and it’s proxied from years ago (I only can upload one image).

I see that today it’s working in the same way so I¡m going to force caching with page rules but it worked rigth for years without specific page rules.

In that case something on your server side must have changed and now sends caching headers which make Cloudflare bypass the cache. If you check the Cloudflare headers you will notice the status explicitly mentions that the cache is bypassed.

There are not changes in caching headers in our backend.

With the page rule that we forced 1 hour ago everything is working fine so we’ll check everything with calm now.


If you feel comfortable sharing the server’s IP address here I could have a look what your server is sending.

Is DNS even working ? I can’t visit and keycdn curl header checks for your site at come back with host not found

DNS A records aren’t resolving either

DNS is working. I wouldnt have responded the way I did otherwise :slight_smile:

The OP’s site returns cf-cache-status: BYPASS, which is either a page rule or - as we seem to have ruled that out - a cache-control header (or similar) preventing caching on the origin’s side.

Strange must just be my connection then


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