Cloudflare not cache on other edge location

Hi I want to ask why the cloudflare does not cache on different vpn ip address, example in Malaysia I cache the content with hit request, but when I change my vpn to USA, the cache does not set Hit but instead is returning MISS…

Cloudflare’s cache is per colo. For enterprise customers regional tiered caching is also available. Subsequent requests for the same resource in a given colo will be served from cache if the resource supports it, has not expired and is still in the cache.

Hi what do you mean by per colo…? does that means that the cache only work on different region respectively example if i call the cache from southeast asia and then the usa when i call again, if dont have the cache content it will be miss is it…?

Hi why when i serve my website content in malaysia is a hit, but when I enable vpn on my website it is a miss not hit, and I have also enable argos but dont have any result…

Hi @hoochongyi95,

As @cs-cf said, Cloudflare have many data centers around the world and the cache is independent in each.

Let’s say you visit from Malaysia and hit the Kuala Lumpur data center for the first time, in general the cache in that data center will keep hold of your website’s static files (or whatever you have configured to cache) so when you visit next time, you will see a HIT and some of your requests will be served from the cache.

Then let’s say you VPN to the US, you may then, for example, hit the Los Angeles data center. No one has visited your site recently through that data center so your site’s files are not in the cache there, so you get a MISS. If you or someone else visits again through Los Angeles, you will most likely see a HIT again.

ok thanks for clarify… but why when i try without vpn which someone in uk hit the cache, and then when i serve the website in malaysia the cache is hit instead of MISS…

:wave: @hoochongyi95,

Because the object was already in cache in both locations.

— OG

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