Cloudflare not blocking ddos

So yesterday I was getting ddosed, no body could go to the site, i turned on under attack mode, that seemed to stop the ddos from going to the server, but the thing is i have a program that needs to make requests to the website without doing the javascript verification. So i dont know how i could go around that but back to the main point, i created a rule to completely block the 2 ips ddosing my server(it was previously just using a js verify thing, but as i said i need to disable that because of my program ) and i dont understand why cloudflare its self dident take automatic action as you can see in this picture, , the same ip(theres another one but not sending as many requests) is constantly spamming requests. They both sent about 33 million requests in like 5-7 hours? why dident cloudflare catch on and take action its self? Does it not do this?..

For anyone in the future, rate limiting can help.

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Cloudflare has an extensive API that you can use to deploy custom rules.
For example, if the cpu usage is high, you may want to enable UAM, if certain monitor reports problems, that could be a sign to enable UAM.
You should ask your system administrator to implement this approach.

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