CloudFlare - NO refund policy and NO Customer satisfaction?!

Cloudflare offers a great CDN service, but in my opinion, they don’t trust their customers and don’t really care about satisfying them and this is might not be with everyone, but this is what they made me feel and here is why. First of all, Cloudflare offers plans that isn’t cheap in my opinion such as the Pro plan for $20 a month and
the Business plan for $200 and god knows how much the enterprise goes for and the reason why I say that they are not cheap is that you would be paying monthly for their plans. Although their plans aren’t cheap, they are not offering a great service in terms of customer support such as live chat service, unlike many big companies that really care about their customers. Furthermore, Cloudflare DO NOT have a refund policy, so once you paid no money back even if some reasons their plan didn’t work out for you and as far as I know there is no company that does not have a refund policy. In my opinion, Cloudflare is approaching their customers in the wrong way. The reason why I said Cloudflare do not trust their customer is because I think that they want to have the right to take your money even if you didn’t like them, because again they do not trust you, because if they had a refund policy you might just contact them and ask for a refund if you didn’t like them so they rather simply say in their policy NO REFUND. In my case, I tried Argo & Pro website plan and believe or not they made my website really slow and I tested Argo for about a week and pro website plan for a few days and no change at all the performance has decreased a lot, so I contacted Cloudflare for a refund since I am not getting the service they are claiming and I asked them for a refund and they refused to refund me and they did say they are going to troubleshoot the problem, However, no money back! Imagine if I paid the business plan, now since their paid plans did work out for me and they refused to refund me I simply do not trust them anymore, Simply I am an unsatisfied customer and I am not getting what I am paying for.

Let us know the ticket number, I see some interaction with Support indicating a performance improvement with Argo of >25%, but see it was switched off before support could finish testing region-specific issues.

My ticket number is: 1596108

I got pissed and I removed my Pro-website plan from my account earlier today because after purchasing the plan my site starts to act slow.

Got it. I talked with the Support team and have asked that they escalate this to our Billing team, you should receive a notice shortly.



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