CloudFlare No convert Image to Webp

I’m in CloduFlare enable images convert to Webp format, but after 24h not work. :frowning:

Can you help me, what I must configure for convert my image to WebP.

Cloudflare won’t serve the converted file if it ends up larger than the source file. Can you give an example image?

Have you confirmed based on the content type in developer tools of your browser that it isn’t being changed?

This is example my article. , when I clear Cache and click on image save as , image format = JPEG

I am post example my article

Looking at just one of the image requests in detail, the response headers will tell you what is going on (I have trimmed the response headers for brevity).

$ curl -sSL -D - '' -H 'accept: image/webp' -o /dev/null

HTTP/2 200 
content-type: image/jpeg
content-length: 172598
cf-bgj: imgq:85
cf-polished: origSize=181848, status=vary_header_present
vary: X-Forwarded-Proto,Accept-Encoding

I have not seen the vary_header_present status before, but in general, reverse proxies don’t like Vary headers. Unless you have a very specific use case, you could try removing the Vary response header in your Origin server.

The other status to look for is webp_bigger. Cloudflare will only serve a WebP image (and change the content-type response header) if the resulting image would be smaller in WebP format. Also, CloudFlare will only attempt to send WebP if there is an accept request header that includes image/webp.

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