Cloudflare never confirms nameservers, then deletes it every few months

I have a domain which I’ve been registering on Cloudflare constantly for the last year or two. It’s twice or so now that Cloudflare deletes my domain months after, even though I’ve confirmed nameservers. Any change while the domain is still registered, it still updates, but the site never confirms nameservers on my dashboard, and then gets deleted every few months. I have to manually insert every dns record and setting back in after its deleted. It’s like Cloudflare doesn’t seem to actually check if I ask for my nameservers to be confirmed afterwards too. Can I get help? This issue is only affecting 1 of my 5 other domains on my account and I’m extremely confused.

Then it’s most likely that you never properly set the name servers at your registrar.

What’s the domain?

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So far, so good. It says the name servers are David and Sima. Can you confirm those are the two names at the bottom of this domain’s DNS screen at

I typed this, and refreshed the page to see if you have submitted a reply:

Hmm…I just submitted a request at my registrar to reorder the nameservers (they were being sent in an order cloudflare doesn’t recognize apparently for verification?) and it now seems to have verified my site…Confusing, but okay. Thanks, and sorry for creating this thread for an issue that’s on my registrars side.

I can confirm those are the name servers – my registrar applied them in the wrong order. Sorry, thanks for the quick response :).

Order shouldn’t matter, but it sounds like it’s working. I’m glad to hear it cleared up.

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