Cloudflare needs to fix up its old 2FA Authy-powered tokens

Cloudflare used to offer the option of an Authy-powered token for two-factor authentication. This was different from the standard TOTP two-factor authentication currently available that we can use not only with Authy, but also with other authenticator apps such as Google’s.

Nevertheless, the Cloudflare Authy-powered token still appears in the Authy app of users that previously used it, even after they deactivated it.

That’s what happened with me. Months ago I turned off two-factor authentication for Cloudflare, but Authy still lists it under “Twilio Authy Accounts” (a dedicated section for Authy-powered tokens).

This is what Authy says about these accounts:

Please note, Authy-powered tokens will not be deleted unless that partner’s server sends a request to Authy’s API to turn off 2FA for you. If you believe you have turned off 2FA and the token persists, please contact the support team of that partner to see if there is a problem turning off 2FA, to ensure that you will still be able to access your account without any problems in the future.

That’s what I’m doing now. I hope you can help me – and all the other users who are facing this problem:


Hi @sen,

I do seem to be able to confirm this. I can hide the old Cloudflare account in Authy but not remove it.

I’ll escalate this for the attention of the Cloudflare Support Team but there is a very long queue for those without support included in their plans so it may take a while to get a response.


Same thing happens with Pinterest.

Hi @sen, sorry for the issues you are facing here. I have gone ahead and created a ticket for this issue and we will be back in touch with an update as soon as possible.


The support solved my issue. I told them my Authy details (email, phone number, ID), they found my account and removed the Authy-powered token.


Quick link to create a support ticket:
Choose Get more help select Account.

As sen mentions, give them your Authy account details, and they should be able to help.

Of note: Depending on how you phrase your request, you might get an automated response from Cloudflare support, explaining how to regain access to your account if you lost access to your TOTP token…
Just reply saying that this is not what you want, and that you need a human to read your ticket.