Cloudflare Needs to Explain: Domain Transfer Page

See Screenshot: Domains Transfer Page provides NO input for a new domain transfer???
Another post tells me that a domain needs to be “ADDED” to Cloudflare before a registration can be transferred??? Could this be EXPLAINED on the xfer page that most of us dip-shits are landing on (completely perplexed) and finding NO INPUTS for a new domain transfer???

Hi @domains27,

The screenshot you mentioned doesn’t seem to have come through!

If you go to and hit ‘Transfer Now’, you will get taken to a page of domains already on Cloudflare that you can transfer. Is this the page you are referring to?

The support documentation does state that only domains active on Cloudflare can be transferred:

This does mean that you need to add any sites to Cloudflare before you can transfer the domain in. When you do add the domain, you get the option (for supported domains) to transfer in straight away.

In this example, it tells you why the domain can’t be transferred, but if it can be, the option is there.