Cloudflare Needs Better Pricings

Hi. I have a feedback for Cloudflare team, and also looking for other users’ view on this topic. I have been using Netlify for many production sites, and the good thing about it is that you don’t need separate premium subscription for every individual website. But on cloudflare, you need pro subscription separately for every website.

Let’s assume you have 5 small-to-medium sites. Netlify Pro will cost you just $19 but if you want pro features, but Cloudflare will charge you $100 + more for add-ons like Argo etc.

I understand that there are many advanced features available on Cloudflare, and one shouldn’t compare it with Netlify, but still, I believe that Cloudflare team should reconsider their pricings.

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CloudFlare has an extremely generous free tier and you do not need Pro for every website. What specifically requires Argo in your case?

I’m really not sure what exactly about Netlify you’re using for comparison. Netlify is a hosting/deployment platform and while CloudFlare Pages is the closest CloudFlare offering to Netlify, CloudFlare offers way more than just deployment.

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Yes, I agree with you that these two services can’t be compared, as Cloudflare offers many more features.


Their price increase between pro & business is quite large. We run 1 website and are currently are paying for 2 pro plans, on 2 domains, to get around not having wildcard cache purging on pro plans.

  • 1 domain hosts site content which has integrated purging 2-3 times a day (automated price/availability updating script), which also has argo and worker packages added.
  • 1 domain hosts all our images (cache is set for 1 year and is never purged).

Would prefer to have it all under one account, but we’d go from paying ~$55/month to $200+, all because we would need to wildcard cache purging.

It would be good if you could enable bits from the business plan on a pro plan for an extra $x/month.